The Longest Way Home


There are many travel resources out there. We at Photo Tours aspire to provide you with some amazing resources for your trip.

Traveling and sharing your story

Dave is a photographer and has done some similar work while sharing his travel and photo experience with the world audience. At his website The Longest way home he shares tips and information from his extensive travel experience which are invaluable for beginner and seasoned travel photographers.
Check out his blog and specially his gallery, which contains a diverse array of excellent pictures from around the world.

Researching a location before traveling is very important. As we all know, there might be many variables to take in consideration: Time of the day, sunset and sunrise, weather and climate conditions (two different things!).

Information is a key factor planning your journey and, depending on the situation, might be a crucial one. If your journey takes you abroad, the challenges might pile up, from language to local customs but don’t be dither to take them on. Information and guide are your most important allies for a successful journey.

Mapping an area, finding out what’s of interest to you and planning accordingly should be your top priorities.

Money also matters, so be sure to research the exchange rate and reputable exchange options at your destinations. It can sometimes be at your hotel, but most likely the rates would be higher than on the street. Perhaps consider taking a new credit card with no international exchanges fees. Those are great ways of paying for expenses as well as shopping abroad. This way it takes away the extra burden of carrying cash with you (but of course not all countries and areas are so keen to electronic and plastic sales. Infrastructure might not be the same elsewhere)

Research first, plan ahead and enjoy the journey. That’s what it’s all about.