Cafayate at Night

Cafayate at night provides a very picturesque postcard. The principal plaza serves, as in many small towns, both as the main attraction and the classic point of gathering for locals and tourist.  Proof of this can be observed by the vibrant art and restaurant scene around its perimeter and the constant vibrations produced by the influx of people coming and going to the area.

You can find the, now famous, emapanada salteña almost at every culinary stop. This has become a staple on the northern cuisine. Expect also to discover many small wine shops with the most delicated wine bottles produced in the region.
Due to its altitude and terroir, Calafate presents an outstanding opportunity to the growth and development of wine production. It’s local variety, Torrontés, provides a very fresh and cool wine that can be pair with almost any flavor. It’s a favorite on Asian and thai food, due to its acidic and crisp balance. In its many acres, wine producers grow Tannat, Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, etc.
There are many wineries open to visitors and also a Museum specialized in the production and distribution of wines from the region. Cafayate is considered as a top contender for wine production in the world. Some experts prefer their wine production to the other regions of South America such as Mendoza in Argentina and Coquimbo and Atacama regions in Chile.
There are many beautiful activities and journeys to proceed while on the Northwestern region of Argentina. Cafayate presents a very competitive opportunity due to its established infrastructure, accessibility and proximity to many landmark sites: From the Quebrada de las Conchas (Shell’s Ravine), to the many great wineries, to the local and vibrant art scene, there are many interesting plans available in a close radius. A ideal start for your photo tour in the Northwest.

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