20 Spectacular Argentina Photography Places

Located in the South American Hemisphere,  Argentina presents a very diverse and topography rich environment filled with incredible photography places for light seekers and nature excursionist.
With the extraordinaire Andes mountainous barrier at one side, delimiting its international western boundary with Chile, and the Rio de la Plata and the South Atlantic ocean as its Eastern seaborne, many Argentina photography places present some diverse and unique characteristics unrivaled by other destinations in the world.

Here is a list of some highlights from its amazing photography places:

  1. Glaciar Perito Moreno, Santa Cruz

    Argentina Photography Places dramatic view of Glacier Perito Moreno - Santa Cruz, ArgentinaPhoto by Alejandro Ferrand

    The massive view is spectacular.  Some might catalog the immense mass of ice as a highlight for Argentina photography places in the Patagonia.
    El Glaciar Perito Moreno is part of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares which is also part of the Hielo Continental Patagónico (about 10563.31 miles) which is considered one of the most important sources of drinkable water in the world. Some 90% percent of this resource is located at glaciers, rivers, the Antarctic continent and Greenland.

    The glacier is by far one of the most visited sites in Argentina, specially photographers, and particularly in the Patagonia region. It’s possible to gain access to the glacier by either land or by water routes. So If you arrive with your own vehicle, you can follow Santa Cruz’s province route #15 from Calafate city for around 80 km, approximately one hour and 30 minutes.

  2. Catarátas del Iguazú, Misiones

    Iguazu_Falls_Argentina_photographic_placesPhoto by Ricardo Seco

    The Iguazú falls, without a doubt, is a unique natural spectacle that can’t be observed, quite like this, anywhere else in the world. This is by far, one of the best Argentina photography places you would find in the country and, according to many, in all South America.

    If you’re looking for the top Argentina photography places for nature and landscape photography, this can most definitely be one of the highlight of your photography journey.

    Following the course of the Iguazu river, the devil’s throat is perhaps the most spectacular view at the falls. The province of Misiones, on the northern east boundary of Argentina, shares its national limit with the countries of Brazil and Paraguay. Part of the falls can be accessed from the Brazilian side, but the most spectacular views can be observed from the Argentina’s side.

  3. Quebrada de las Conchas, Salta

    Quebrada de las Conchas, Salta Argentina photography placesPhoto by Diego Waisman

    The Shell’s Ravine at the province of Salta, close to the city of Cafayate, is of amazing beauty due to its panoramas and red rock formations. Some of the most celebrated sites around the ravine are the Amphitheater, the Devil’s throat and the Castles (Los Castillos) were millions of years of constant water and ice erosion gave way to some amazing shape and form to the rock formations in the ravine.
    This is a must destination for photographers, a worthy entry for our list of Argentina photography places, and part of our Photo Tours South America’s Argentina photography tour.

  4. Quebrada de las Flechas, Salta

    Argentina Photography places South_America_Argentina_Salta_Quebrada_flechasPhoto by Diego Waisman

    The Arrows Ravine can be visited while traveling at Route #40 on the Province of Salta. It connects the city of Cafayate and Cachi and its most characteristic feature is an extraordinary topology. Its particular shape and design dates to its origin about 15 to 20 millions of years ago, where massive blocks of stone started to raise due to the elevation of the Puna during the Precambrian era. Deep faults at the surface raised the rocks defining ridges resembling the arrows.

  5. Buenos Aires, CABA

    Buenos_Aires_CABA_Argentina_photographic_placesPhoto by Poonam Mimani

    Sometimes referred as the Paris of South America, the city of Buenos Aires has a long and rich cultural history. The vast immigration from Europe and Asia have created a cosmopolitan metropolis that prides itself as the cradle of Tango. Its cultural offerings are diverse and rich as well as its constant and ever evolving art scene.
    As with any mega metropolis, Buenos Aires is a perfect place for photography due to its rich architecture, cuisine and picturesque neighborhoods. It’s definitely a must destination thus, one of the most important Argentina photography places.

  6. Cerro Fitz Roy, Santa Cruz

    Argentina photographic places Mount Fitz Roy at sunrisePhoto by Dmitry Pichugin

    The Cerro Fitz Roy is a very famous mountain in the Patagonia region, at the border line between Argentina and Chile. It is located at the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, near El Chaltén village. It was first climbed in 1952 by French alpinists Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone, it remains among the most technically challenging mountains for mountaineers on Earth. Its spectacular vistas makes it a breathtaking sight and one of the many beautiful places in Argentina’s Patagonia region. This is one of the highlights of Argentina photography places to visit since every year thousands of climbers and photographers from all over the world do the pilgrimage during the summer, spring and fall southern months, to experience its unparalleled beauty. Little known fact: Patagonia clothing founder Yvon Chouinard used Cerro Fitz Roy as the basis for the company’s logo.

  7. Traslasierra, Córdoba

    Cerro_Champaqui_Traslasierra_Cordoba_Argentina_photography_placesPhoto by Pedro Bianchini

    The valley of Traslasierra in the province of Córdoba is about 2 hours west from the city of Córdoba through the high peak road (Camino de las Altas Cumbres) and it provides its visitors with exquisite beauty and unparalel calm. Known around the country for its exceptional weather and micro-climate, the Champaqui hill and valleys provide a unique moderated atmospheric characteristics for its population and as a tourist destination. Traslasierra is very fortunate due to its majestic views and panoramas and it’s a must for a stop as a relaxed spot on Argentina photography places.

  8. Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires

    sierra_de_la_ventana_buenos_aires_Argentina_photography_placesPhoto by Maximiliano Millán

    About 373 miles from the city of Buenos Aires, and well inside the country side, La Sierra de la Ventana is bounded by the Laguna del Monte, Guaminí at its northwestern end and the Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. La Sierra de la Ventana lies on a precambrian base formed around 2.2 billion years ago. Its famous and incredible panoramas make it a worth stop for Argentina photography places we recommend. The ever green landscape and its rock formations make it an enjoyable journey for any traveling photographer.

  9. Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy

    Quebrada de Humahuaca, Northern Argentina photography placesPhoto by Michel Piccaya

    La Quebrada de Humahuaca is a highly representative example of the Andean valleys, due to its exceptional system of communication routes and economic, social and cultural exchanges.
    This is the most important physical linkage between the high Andean lands and the extensive temperate plains in south-eastern South America. The ravine is defined by an extensive mountainous valley with an asymmetric profile that extends from North to South for over 34 miles. It can be found at the northwest of Argentina at the province of Jujuy.
    Its cultural heritage dates back 10,000 years and it’s very significant. It follows the major cultural route, the Camino del Inca, for the movement and transaction of goods for all the Andean region. Next December we are traveling to Jujuy on our first Argentina photo tour.

  10. Tilcara, Jujuy

    Argentina photographic places_Argentina_Jujuy_Tilcara4Photo by Diego Waisman

    In the heart of the Jujuy there’s a spot with magnificent vistas and vast cultural heritage close to La Quebrada de Humahuaca. El Pucará de Tilcara is an archaeological site from the indigenous tribes that inhabited the region. Its strategic orientation and vistas, from this ancient enclave, provided uninterrupted line on sight to all the access routes and transit areas surrounding the city. The archaeological value of this emplacement is tremendous. Thankfully it’s well preserved and a good excuse to be included on our list of Argentina photography places.

  11. Purmamarca, Jujuy

    Argentina photographic places_Jujuy_Purmamarca Photo by Diego Waisman

    Home of the hill with seven colors (La colina de siete colores) Purmamarca is definitely one of Argentina photography places to visit. Its cobbled streets are usually filled with local artisans, surrounding the main church, selling scarfs, ponchos and porcelain. It’s dry and sunny days are enjoyable for sight-seen, a perfect excuse to discover its colonial past. At night, many “peñas” (local signing parties) erupt on some of the many restaurants around this small town.

  12. Parque Nacional el Leoncito, San Juan

    Argentina Photography places Parque Nacional El Leoncito

    Parque Nacional el Leoncito (National Park Little Lion) lies at the southeast part of the province of San Juan. It’s was originally created back in 2001 through a national law and its extension is about 222147.75 acres. Inside, its diverse ecological diversity extends from Monte de Sierras and Bolsones to the Puna and Altos Andes. There are many scenic points at the park to observe majestic landscapes and wild life. It’s also a perfect Argentina photography places ideal for astronomy photography and to capture clear and pristine night skies.

  13. Tupungato, Mendoza

    Argentina Photography places Tupungato Mendozaphoto by Carlos Ortiz Fragalá

    Tupungato is on the northernmost sub-region of the Uco Valley in Mendoza. The region lies at the foot of the Mt Tupungato volcano, which, at 21,555ft high, is amongst the highest peaks in Argentina. The area produces one of the best wines in South America since their vineyard’s altitude brings clarity of light, water and air and moderates the high temperatures associated with lower latitudes. Utilizing the Andes mountain ridge as a background, Mendoza has a well deserves spot on our Argentina photography places list.

  14. Cafayate, Salta

    Argentina Photography Places Vineyard_CafayatePhoto by Diego Waisman

    About 120 miles from the capital of the Province of Salta, the city of Cafayate sits at 5,522 ft above mean sea level. The city is known around the world for its magnificent high-altitude wines, cuisine and the majestic ravines and topography surrounding the city. This is one the reasons why it makes it an indispensable jewel for Argentina photography places. Its friendly and down to earth approach makes anyone’s stay a comfortable experience on the Calchaquie’s valley.

  15. Bariloche, Rio Negro

    Argentina Photography Places Bariloche Rio NegroPhoto by Steffen Klemz

    The city of Bariloche in the province of Rio Negro might surprise you. Enclave at the shores of the lake Nahuel Huapi, its stunning vistas and beauty are like no other. At its birth, most of the buildings conforming the city were build out of wood and followed the classical alpine architecture style. This was due to its southern location and snow fall levels during the winter. Bariloche is also known as one of the best sky places in Argentina. The mountainous landscape and the amazing beauty of its lakes, as well as its surrounding national parks, makes it one of the Argentina photography places most interesting propositions.

  16. Parque Nacional Lago Puelo, Chubut

    Argentina Photography Places Lago Puelo ChubutPhoto by Matias Massaccesi

    The Parque Nacional Lago Puelo is located in the province of Chubut and its considered part of the Patagonic forest ecosystem. Among the different species that inhabit the park, the most impressive is the ciervo enano or pudu (dwarf deer) which is hard to track and seen, since it moves around park areas of difficult access. The beauty of the lake and the surrounding wild life makes Lago Puelo a spectacular festival for photographers and outdoor seekers. This is a must in our Argentina photography places list!

  17. Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Chubut

    Argentina Photography places Parque Nacional Los AlercesPhoto by Pedro Francisco Suarez

    Parque Nacional Los Alerces is located on the western side of Chubut province. One of the most amazing vistas of the park include its marvelous lakes that literally surround Parque Nacional Los Alerces.  To reach them it’s advised to travel through national route 259 and continue on route #71 (gravel) where it’s quite notorious the transition between the Patagonic steppe and the Andean forest. The flora and wild life are quite stunning and a perfect Argentina photography places addition.

  18. Valle de la Luna, San Juan

    Argentina Photography places Valle de la Luna, San JuanPhoto by Martin Marilungo

    Parque provincial de Ischigualasto or as it’s known to many: El Valle de la Luna (The Moon’s valley). The park is located at the northern part of the province of San Juan, in the Valle Fertil department. This department belongs to a protected area of 68,0451 acres, since its location is rich with dinosaurs and fossil remains. Scholars believe that its geological formations date from 200 and 250 millions of years old. Its landscape and rock topography makes it a great Argentina photography places to visit.

  19. El Chaltén, Santa Cruz

    Argentina Photographic places El ChaltenEl Chaltén is a small mountain village in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. It is located on the riverside of Rio de las Vueltas, inside Los Glaciares National Park (section Reserva Nacional Zona Viedma). it’s geographically close to the base of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountains. El Chaltén offers some great views of the Andes and it’s a well-known starting point for mountain climbers.  It’s unique geography and location earns it a spot at our Argentina photography places interesting places to visit.

  20. Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia

    Argentina Photography Places Tierra del Fuego Ushuaia

    photo by Anna Gibiskys

    Tierra del Fuego is one of the busiest ports and adventure hubs of the Patagonia region. With a sliver of steep streets and jumbled buildings below the snow capped Martial Range, it provides a very picturesque portrait of how the end of the world looks like.
    Here, the Andes meets the famed Beagle Channel, proceeding before the city culminating in a sea of lapping currents.

    Many tourist and visitors reach Usuahia for a diverse activities: hiking, sailing, skiing, kayaking and even scuba diving, but regardless of its remote geographical location, there are plenty of photographic opportunities to the kind eye. A top 20 of this Argentina photographic places to visit.

Do you agree with our list ? What’s your top 5 Argentina photography places on your list ?



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